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We make products for people who love to play sports and strive to incorporate the healthiest possible choices for their skincare regimen. We use ingredients that are pure and simple. Ingredients that promote health and are good for your skin. Left out are potentially harmful chemicals and petroleum based ingredients. Things that clog pores and pollute the body. And although our products won’t save your life or your soul they will provide hours of comfort and peace of mind for anyone passionate about living a healthier life.

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Our chamois cream is different and better

Lubrication matters

Which is right for you?

Our lubrication products are extremely versatile. For rides over an hour we recommend either Booty Balm or Ballocks. These are thick like a paste and work with the heat of your body to soften and lubricate over time so the end of your workout is as comfortable as the start. And even though Ballocks is our men’s version we find some women use this in the warmer months for a cool menthol feeling. And if you prefer the fresh scent of lavender and lemon then Booty Balm is for you.

For shorter rides or a bike commute we recommend the Silke anti chafing stick where a thin layer is all you need to combat friction.

Silke is also great for running or long walks when applied to your skin anywhere your clothing rubs. It also works on the back of your heels or even when you need to squeeze into your wetsuit.

And because our lubrication products are butter and oil based and contain no water or preservatives they are 100% all natural. 

What is 100% all natural?

Here is the truth.

There are currently no federal U.S. standards that exist for personal care and cosmetic products. So when you see a product label that says 100% all natural what exactly does that mean? Well, it means different things to different companies. So, what another company might call an all natural product we might not.

To know what “all natural” means to our company we need to tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean petroleum based ingredients, silicones, synthetics, or parabens. Anything you need a chemistry degree to create. We use pure and simple ingredients like nut butters and oils. Things created in nature, not in a lab. And that is our truth.